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Viable Sampling

Viable samples are often collected on agar media either in strips (if using Reuter Centrifugal Sampler) or in Petri-dishes for Andersen sampler, our viable air sampling is collected in ways that render the most accurate results. Unlike non-viable air sampling, detection and subsequent enumeration and identification of airborne fungal particulates collected on growth media depends on whether the spores and hyphal fragments are viable and whether the media used can support their growth into colonies. Fill out our Contact Page to have a representative contact you as soon as possible.

For this reason, colony counts are usually lower than spore counts. Even if all the fungal structures were viable, colony counts are likely to be lower than the spore/hyphal fragment counts because what is counted as a single colony could have developed from more than a single spore or hyphal fragment. In one study it was found that the ratios between the total fungal spores collected by the Burkard sampler and the viable fungi collected by the Andersen sampler ranged between 0.29 and 7.61.

“On many occasions we have recovered molds in viable samples that were not observed in non-viable samples even when viable and non-viable samples were taken side by side.”

Picture of Chaetomium and Aspergillus/Penicillium sporesIs Non-viable Fungal Air Sampling Alone Adequate? In most cases viable air sampling is only used in situations where identification of the molds to species level is required. However, our observation in the lab seems to suggest use of spore traps alone may not be adequate for airborne fungal sampling. On many occasions we have recovered moulds in viable samples that were not observed in non-viable samples even when viable and non-viable samples were taken side by side. For example Chaetomium and Stachybotrys spores, which are fairly easy to identify from spore traps have appeared in viable samples, yet, they were not detected from the non-viable samples.

We have also observed that although non-viable sampling gives higher counts than viable sampling in most cases, this is not always the case. There are many factors that can contribute to these “unexpected” results. Mold can cultivate over your entire home and not become apparent until it’s already a serious issue. Viable Air Sampling by Gmold will help foresee this problem and eliminate it.

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